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quadrazid - #1 counter strike condition zero deleted scenes player

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Добавлено by Admin В Counter strike condition zero
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i posted this 1-2 years ago on my facebook page when i was on a quadrazid video binge. this was my favorite thing quadrazid did. a counter strike condition zero speedrun where he used the rpg as a rocket jump. war owl is making videos now about these levels and they're pretty dumb. shots fired mr. reddit tier counter strike guy. the second quadrazid uploaded speedruns of this *interesting* game, nobody should have ever uploaded a CS:CZ video again. please come back you crazy swedish bastard.

i edited this in december 2017 for some reason. i never uploaded it here though. no idea why. love you guys. happy late mothers day to all the moms on here.

what a blessed youtube channel this was in its heyday. i dont always get a huge kick out of speedrunners but he was one you will get a huge kick out of.

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