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Counter Strike : Global Offensive - My Best Plays - Part 9

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Добавлено от Admin В Сounter strike 1.6
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These are all my best plays in competitive matches in different maps . I have got some new friends in this game and now my team is complete . This game is really entertaining if you have some friends to play with . Some of my best friends in this game are AvRage, Wicked Assassin, Zeevo, Kratos, Javelin and Kracxy ( more still to come ) . Thank you all for your support and love and i will definitely try to support your channel as well . Some of my friends that are in this clip are also youtubers and the link of their channels are shown below :
AvRage Channel link -
Wicked Assassin Channel link -
Guys we also have a whatsapp group for youtubers only and if you want to join it then comment me below .
So guys stay safe and healthy and i will meet you in my next video ^_^
- My laptop specifications are i3 7gen with clock speed, 8gb ram, 2gb Amd graphic card and 1Tb hard disk space
#csgo #competitivematches #playingwithfriends #iamsilver #silentkiller #laptopgamer

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