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An extremely deep 9/9/19 video (HD 4Xreupload remaster)

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Добавлено by Admin В Сounter strike 1.6
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I wanted to make something for this once-in-a-lifetime 9/9/19 date but then I realized even 10/9/19 is a once in a lifetime date and so is every other date so I didn't think much of it and reuploaded this great cinematographic creation for the third or fourth time here. You can actually measure how seasoned of a viewer you are by counting how many times you've seen this piece uploaded. And never it dissapoints. Such emotion. Such story. A veiled critigue of the contemporary consumer society and moral paradigms. I really think this might be my best creation ever, the quality of which I will never be able to surpass. This iteration involves HD color balancing, additional SFX and a dramatic pan for twice the emotion and story so even viewers who've already seen it can get value here. Hopefully by 2060 I'll be able to make it into a full-length premiere VR drama starring virtual Matt Damon.

#PeakSurrealism #DeepestVideoEverMadeByMe #OscarNomination

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